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General Family Dentistry

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Lovelace Gipson, DDS
University of Tennessee School of Dentistry

Brent Johnson, DDS
Howard University School Of Dentistry

About Firestone Dental Group, P.L.L.C.
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We are...
Committed Dentist 

To providing more that just the highest quality of dental services, but dedicated to closing the oral health disparities that exist in at risk families!

WE provide many collateral services that eliminate all barriers to care at no charge to our Patients!  

This effort has lead West Tennessee in the greatest oral health improvement and lowest Medicaid cost per captita!  

Our Nellie's Kids Dental Outreach Program

Firestone Dental Group, P.L.L.C. is a General Family Dental Practice. We have been in business over 46 years.

Our doctors and staff love our community and our patients. We are proud to be one of the first outstanding dental programs in Tennessee.

We have always been committed to minority and the undeserved populations of West Tennessee. The goal was to provide all families with high quality dental care while effectively eliminating barriers to care at no cost to our families. 

Tandra Atkins, DDS
Meharry School of Dentistry
Adrienne Payne, DDS
University of Tennessee School of Dentistry
Preventive Dental Outreach Program for Children

  * Family Buddy Assistance
  * Courtesy Transportation to and from the office
  * Family Dental Education
  * Socially Uplifting Experiences

  Until your child reaches 21 years of age!
We are a private dental office, not a clinic.

We proudly serve TNCare patients!
Daycare and School Oral Health Education and Dental Services
Churches / Community Organizations and Events

Education and Onsite Dental Exams (special permission must be granted) for Children

Your Family
El Programa Dental impeditivo del Alcance para Niños

* Buddy Ayuda familiar
* Transporte de cortesía a y de la oficina
* La Educación Dental familiar

¡ Inspirando Socialmente Experiencias hasta que su niño alcance 21 años de la edad!

Somos una oficina dental privada, no un dispensario. ¡Servimos orgullosamente TNCare pacientes
Preventive Dental Education/Oral Hygiene Instruction, Nutrition Education, provide Healthy Meals to every child, School Supply Bank, Homework Assistance, Clothes/Coat Closet, Dental Profession Mentoring for Teens, Courtesy Transportation to those that need it and  Family Buddy Assistance